Before I came to Literacy Unlimited, I did not know how to use a computer. Now I can use the mouse and keyboard. I can go on the Internet and I have gone on Google Maps. My reading has also improved.

Thanks to Literacy Unlimited I had a wonderful experience over the Christmas Holidays. I was with my kids, one is seven and one is four. They were going to bed. My son says to me, “Daddy, could you read to us before we go to sleep?” I was so surprised because they would never have asked me this before. It is because of Literacy Unlimited I was able to read to my boys.

I went home and found a letter that I had kept for 9 years because I couldn’t read it back then. This time I read it and knew what it said. Literacy Unlimited set me free. I am not afraid anymore.

Due to her increased literacy skills, one learner has been chosen in her company to participate in a training program that was previously unavailable to her.

My student needed help to write a formal letter for a job posting. We worked on it together and she got the job!