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Tessa & Scott

DSC00762This blog has nothing to do with literacy.  It has to do with skating, ice dance figure skating to be more specific.

There are horrific things happening in the world and I still can’t get Florida out of my head.  I am reminded once again that we have to take the time to appreciate the good moments because the world is not always bad.

Last night’s Olympic coverage presented a very special moment.  When Tessa and Scott took to the ice, I held my breath.  After their skate, I exhaled, wiped my tears, and felt pure joy.  And very proud to be a Canadian.

Even if you don’t like figure skating, you have to appreciate the love, respect and commitment this pair have shown for each other.  Here’s a video of 20 years of their skating.  And to quote Terry Dimonte: “Dare you not to smile.”

Alice Reed, Figure Skating Fan for 50 years.

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