Under the Cover 2021

Spend an evening with a Canadian novelist and raise funds to support free adult literacy tutoring in the West Island. Literacy Unlimited is proud to present Under the Cover, a conversation with a Canadian author about books, the writing process, and topics of interest to the audience. At each Under the Cover event, a moderator […]

Did you know?

REALITY CHECK: More than half of Quebecers are functionally illiterate and, presumably, many of them are graduating from our schools. The situation is not improving; it’s getting worse. In 2003, 47 per cent of Quebecers ages 16 to 65 were considered functionally illiterate, which means that while they may be able to read something that’s […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Re: Quebec announces $20 million for literacy

Literacy Unlimited is a non-profit organization on the West Island of Montreal, which provides free, one-on-one English tutoring for adults to improve their reading, writing and basic math skills. Low literacy has far-reaching implications. It is highly correlated with lower income, poor health and food security, increased work accidents and absenteeism, unemployment and underemployment, and […]