Some Great Online Resources for Reading

Sometimes it is fun to find an online resource to help develop your reading skills. Here are three some of our tutors use with their learners. We think they are great. 1. Reading Skills for Today Good reading texts and activities for learners. There is audio and activities that you can download. 2. Bow […]

Digital Literacy Resources Worth Looking At

Here are a couple of resources you can use to teach yourself or others some basic digital literacy skills: How to use common Apps we use to connect with each other (Google Hangouts, YouTube, WhatsApp, and more); and Learn Some Basic Computer Literacy Skills – Audio and Visual instructions make it an effective learning resource […]

Financial Literacy – another important skill

For many people, job loss or wage cuts can make it difficult to make ends meet. Financial literacy is a critical skill. Here is an online resource that anyone can use to learn more about how to better manage a budget. (don’t forget, there are provincial and federal financial support programs in place to help […]

Family Literacy – online resources for you and your young children

With families at home, children are relying more and more on their parents for daily learning activities. Here are some great online resources that might be useful for families with young children. Packed with reading activities, worksheets, and interactive games for all ages, parents and children are sure to find something they enjoy. Scholastic Learn […]

So, what is dyslexia exactly?

There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about dyslexia. Many believe that anyone who reverses letters when reading or writing is dyslexic, however this simply is not the case. Children and adults who are dyslexic have learned to avoid reading. It makes them anxious and uncomfortable. Reading comes naturally to some, but for those with dyslexia […]