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I Am Dyslexic

I AM DYSLEXIC is an animated student film about a young dyslexic child who falls into a world made entirely out of books. Johan is alone in the environment, and he is forced to climb a mountain representing the workload that the education system puts children through. This film is made by a large team of students, many of whom suffer dyslexia or similar learning differences.  It is made for anyone who can relate to these struggles. Remember, the road you travel may be long and challenging, but you are never alone and it is ok to ask for help along the way.

• Directed & Produced by – Mads Johan Øgaard and Katie Wyman.

• Music by -Mari Hajem

• Sound Production:
Thomas Bottolfsen, Eivind Hajem and Åsmund Røst Wien

• 3D Team:
Ben Langham,
Phillip Banko, Joseph Chalmers, Aaron Donlon, Juraj Tomori, Holly Herbert, Josh Wibberley, Andrea Patruno.

• 2D Team:
Clara Anganuzzi, Prawta Annez, Anna Bohac, Philippa Borman, Becca Bright, Grayling Breckon, Rachel Denton, Hannah Edge, Gregory Edwards, James Folland, Leigh Juggins, Naomi Hayes, Holly Herbert, Becky Hill, Elisabeth Horne, Pippa Humphrey , Sam Humphreys, Christopher Hunt, Anni Kaikkonen, Tim Lewis, Kathryn Man, Alasdair Montgomery, Becky Moritz, Elitsa Nedyalkova, Robin Neylan-Francis, Ryan Orgill, Luke O’Sullivan, Karolina Papp, Luke Platt, Connor Schrader, Alice Seatherton, Kiah Seifert-Craggs, Sam Stainer, Rebekah Truscott, Thomas Wallis, James White and Lucie Zix.

VFX Team:
Calum Meyer,
Kylie Kamanga, Chris Lewin, Harry Orford, Rob Owen and Dominic Taylor.

Additional Contributors:
Martin Burn, Judy Helene Fagernes, Sophie Rippington

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