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Frog Literacy

At times like these we sometimes get distracted from the normal routine by small nuggets of information passed on to us by friends and family. This past week, my world was made lighter by a few of these timely interruptions.

Spring and summer frog chorus – In this animation, eight common species of frogs (including a toad!) give their calls through the season.

Tulip Land – In the Netherlands the tulip season was well underway in April and you can visit the gardens of Keukenhof virtually. Ottawa’s Tulip Festival is also putting their gardens online later this week.

Happy Mother’s Day, Spirit the Quebecois Falcon – You can watch live video stream of wild Peregrine Falcons named Spirit (female) and Roger (male). The nest box is located outside of the 23rd floor facing south-east at the University of Montreal’s main building. This mating pair first started nesting here in 2007, but didn’t successfully fledge any young until 2009. The Falcons nest from mid March through mid May every year.

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