We participate in meetings and workshops with local, provincial and national partners to find collaborative approaches to common issues for a greater positive impact in our communities. Through active partnerships with other community organizations, we offer programs that are adapted to the needs of various clienteles. For example, Tech Tuesdays was a weekly tutoring program in computers and digital technology, offered to participants at “Our Place”, AMCAL’s drop-in centre for young and vulnerable parents.

This is great. I can find this program on my tablet at home and do my CV myself. ~ Tech Tuesday participant

Community Events

We value a strong presence in the community and regularly participate in local events to raise awareness around the importance of literacy and essential skills. These include Adult Learners’ Week, International Literacy Day, Family Literacy Day, Pointe-Claire’s Community Awareness Day, the West Island Community Shares Walk, Pointe-Claire and Dorval Oldtimers fund distribution events, and the Lakeshore Players theatre benefit.