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Books are family members too!

From a shelf of favourites to a full library, making books a part of the family is a simple way to encourage reading. In our second blog in honour of Family Literacy Day on January 27, we want to talk about adding some new members to the family!

Reading in the home is not just for kids. It’s beneficial for adults as well, because reading is a skill that needs to be practiced. When adults read and keep books around, children see reading as a part of daily life. The simple act of having books around can be enough to spark a life-long love of reading.

So how can you build a home library? First off, you can head to the bookstore. There is nothing like getting a newly-released book from a favourite series or discovering a new authour. Of course, you can also build a home library without spending a lot of money.

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  • Public libraries: The perfect source for all kinds of reading materials for readers of all ages. Borrowing from the library also means you can refresh your stock every week or two and you’ll find more than just books. Public libraries lend out DVD’s, audio books, magazines, music and e-books, and often offer interesting workshops.
  • Second-hand bookstores and thrift stores: This is a two-for-one. You can thin out your own collection by donating old books while picking up some new ones. This is a little different than going to a major bookstore, because you won’t necessarily find exactly what you want. It’s about exploration and maybe finding something you didn’t even know you wanted to read, or rediscovering a book you read years ago. Buying second-hand, whether at a store or garage sale or online, is simple and affordable.
  • Book swaps: Have some friends gather up old books and have a book-swap party! There’s no money involved because it’s all about recycling and exchange.

Once you have the books at home, find a special place for them. Kids love having their own bookshelf or just a shelf in the family library. You can help them organize their books, write their names inside , and teach them how to handle books with care. Some of these books will stay with children throughout their lives; one day they might pass them on to their own kids.

Get your children involved in the book selection process and let them choose reading materials that interest them. Surprise yourself by re-reading an old favourite or discovering a new genre. However you do it, be sure to build a home library that suits all members of the family. You’ll be glad you did!

Please join us at the Pointe Claire Library for Stuffed Animal Story Hour on January 28. We will be there celebrating Family Literacy Day! Find more information here.

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