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Board of Directors and Committee Openings

Literacy Unlimited is a charitable, not-for-profit community organization that is volunteer-driven and dedicated to changing lives through improved adult literacy.  For over 35 years now, we are the only adult literacy organization serving the West Island of Montreal.

We are looking for a volunteer to join our Board of Directors and we welcome new members for our most active sub-committees: Fundraising and Outreach, and Corporate Fundraising.

We are looking for participants who are willing to become actively involved in our organization, bring ideas to the table, support our fundraising efforts and help raise awareness of the literacy challenges facing our community.

Board of Directors:

Our Board of Directors is composed of 9 dedicated volunteers from various walks of life who all have a passion for making a difference in the community in which we live. We meet monthly from September to June and we each take an active role in one of our Board sub-committees. On average, we each dedicate 5-10 hours per month.


Our committees meet monthly from September to June and focus activities on their respective mandates.

The Corporate Fundraising Committee reaches out to corporations to raise awareness of literacy issues within the corporate community and to raise funds for our organization. We are looking for people who like to brainstorm ideas to get additional funds from corporations and help write letters and other requests for funding. If you have connections with corporations who like to give back to the community, this would be an added bonus.

The Fundraising & Outreach Committee organizes fundraising events and increases the awareness of literacy needs in the West Island. We are looking for people who like to help organize events and represent our organization at community events.

If these opportunities interest you, please send your CV with a cover letter to: Nominating Committee  Please indicate the position you are interested in applying for.


We always welcome volunteers who would like to become tutors! For more information, please send a message to  Additional information about Literacy Unlimited can be found on our website:


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