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So, what is dyslexia exactly?

There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about dyslexia. Many believe that anyone who reverses letters when reading or writing is dyslexic, however this simply is not the case. Children and adults who are dyslexic have learned to avoid reading. It makes them anxious and uncomfortable. Reading comes naturally to some, but for those with dyslexia […]

Do your financial literacy skills make dollars and cents?

November is Financial Literacy Month across Canada. Financial literacy is a set of skills that a person needs to make informed decisions about their personal finances with the resources available. Household debt is currently at an all-time high and Canadians simply aren’t saving like they used to. It’s no secret that financial problems can also […]

Lakeshore Players Benefit in support of LU

Once again, we are organizing our popular theatre fundraiser for Literacy Unlimited and we hope you can join us:  Lakeshore Players benefit performance of “The Miracle Worker” on Thursday, November 15 at 8:00 p.m. in support of Literacy Unlimited. If you haven’t seen The Miracle Worker yet, you’re in for an amazing experience. The Tony […]

Chapters Gift Card Purchase

Thank you to everyone who showed up at Chapters to support our shopping event to celebrate International Literacy Day.  If you missed it, you can still donate by purchasing a gift card.  Here’s a little tutorial if you’re having difficulty. Chapters Gift Card Purchase    

Volunteering for Literacy

We are very proud to have so many amazing volunteers.  In this video clip, volunteer Darla Orchard talks to Global’s Laura Casella about her work with Literacy Unlimited.